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The Spiritual Money Upgrade

Do you think financial security is something other people have, but is just not for you?

Do you think it’s impossible that you could ever make 6 figures or more?

Or, if you make 6 figures+, do you feel like one day it’s just going to disappear?

Do you feel guilty when you have ‘extra’ money?

Do you feel bad about wanting to feel financially safe and live well?

Do you think making more money is a fluke, and could never be consistent?

Do you think it’s unethical to be wealthy?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, THIS IS FOR YOU.

The Protection and Hex - The Patriarchy Pack

Protection against the Patriarchy

We live under the lie of White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy. Anyone not a white cis man is culturally, systemically and economically at a disadvantage. These spells were created to support and protect sex workers specifically, but are offered to anyone needing them. 

Use them with power, intent, and the knowledge that your work is contributing to the liberation of all other oppressed people. And remember: WE FIGHT BACK.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS PACK GO TO SWARM COLLECTIVE, the Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement. 

This pack is available for free to all Sex workers, Trans* people, and BIPOC. Use the code FIGHTBACK at checkout if you aren't in a position to pay.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Do you want to be able to connect up with a source of direct and powerful spiritual guidance at will?

Do you want to establish a meaningful and life-long relationship with your Spiritual Guides?

Are you ready to put aside 15 minutes a day, effort and perseverance to achieve this life-changing result? 

If so, this is for you!

Let me share with you the secrets to Spirit connection I teach to the students inside my 12 month mentorship. 

Learn the exact process you need to connect with Guides without fail.

Learn for yourself the secrets of true connection that have made me one of the most successful and accurate psychics in the world.

Boundaries for Women in Business

Do you struggle to assert yourself, or feel anxious, angry or frustrated when you do?

Perhaps you run a successful business of your own but feel sick to the stomach saying no. Does the thought of setting your prices make you want to vomit, and the idea of putting your prices UP make you want to pass out? When people ask if you offer discounts, do you feel guilty or too ashamed to stick firm to your price?

If so, you need this.

I got you.

Every secret of boundary setting, pricing correctly, how to establish and maintain clarity about what you will and won’t accept will be shared with you in an easy, fun and quick to implement way.

I have over 20 years’ experience running multiple six-figure businesses. I started charging £10 an hour, and now charge £1000 an hour.

Learn how to set boundaries with ease and grace, and make a shit ton more money while working in integrity and joy.

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